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PTEC - product description
language flag PTEC - Techniques de présentation sous l'oeil de la caméra
language flag PTEC - exemples de modules additionnels
language flag PTEC taster 9hrs (2x4.5)
language flag PTEC course 14hrs (2x7)
language flag PTEC - Opis Sztuk Wystąpień Publicznych pod Okiem Kamery

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Presentation Techniques under the Eye of the Camera

breakdown of a 9-hr taster
o Information package for HR officers
Day hours Contents
1 13.30 - 14.30 brief introduction (according to the PTEC formula)
    overview of a candidate's preparation (YBh, Ping-Pong, Kangaroo)
    practice: class work with PTEC (on a selected CTN SCB topic)
  14.40 - 16.20 practice: 1st presentation
    identifying misleading signs, linguistic lacks, positive communication habits
    naming the intangible to be achieved on the 2nd presentation
  16.30 - 18.00 introduction to various narrative styles (from descriptive to logical)
    guidelines to preparing a draft (breaking down & re-linking)
    coping with linguistic discrepancies (enriching vocabulary by the use of synonyms)
    multimedia presentation formats (Power Point, Postscript, HTML...)
    practice: draft of a new topic
TOT 4.5 hrs  
Day hours Contents
2 13.30-14.30 homework review - draft of a new topic
    practice: the Kangaroo exercise
    practice: the Ladies and Gentlemen exercise
  14.40 - 16.20 practice: commenting visual aids
    individual work on presentation #2
    body language & approach (packshot impression)
    practice: placing your voice (quality vs quantity)
    practice: preparing answers for the audience & the press
  16.30 - 18.00 practice: from presentation to negotiation
    practice: introduction of presentation #2
    practice: conclusion of presentation #2
TOT 4.5 hrs