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film icon Dance on Swing (Genesis & genealogy of the Lindy Hop in France) This documentary film project focuses on understanding the Lindy Hop and other swing dances through the portraits of its French genealogy. The narrative draws attention to lead follow techniques, the need to bounce on bouncy music and remain smooth on smooth music, and hopes to make tangible the need of dancing to the music rather than forcing the music to fit the dance. This particular project is tackled both in English & French. language flag Ce projet documentaire est décrit exhaustivement en français.

The Duel - DVD sleeve Pojedynek - The Duel (52min documentary) Leading professional sword masters strive to arrange duels echoing historical truth. In spite of their boundless, long-lasting partnership their rehearsals can be quite dangerous. They swing genuine weapons at each other's throats without any means of protection. This documentary casts a doubt on the values of fencing depicted in the film industry. The popularity of Asian martial arts has pushed aside the bequest of Roman and Byzantine empires at the detriment of European fencing. This film is boring because nobody gets killed and fights seem to last for ever. But that's the way we think it was... o Znani w Polsce i zagranicą szermierze często biorą udział w aranżacji reklam i występują w filmach kinowych.

film icon Presentation Techniques under the Eye of the Camera address the needs of conference lecturers, PR and entrepreneurs in the field of business negotiations. This particular approach involves communication skills which go beyond sheer language training. Although most people can grasp the ins & outs of rehearsals with a camera it is the experience in shooting interviews & editing documentary films which brings a new light to the image one may want to give of him or herself by allowing a comparative analysis with common Tv industry practice.

film icon CTN - Conversations Tailored to your Needs, and SCB, Stimulating Conversation Books provide learners of English as a foreign language with a method & support materials (modules to be selected by level & professional area of interest) designed to improve communication skills in English. Over 700 topics in 2000 pages describe timely issues in a para-documentary manner often addressing cultural and/or professional expectations of target groups (unlike most anonymous language course books...). Emphasis is placed on the narrative as a means to ensure effective communication regardless of language proficiency. It is not about NLP, psycho-linguistics, but filmo-linguistics...

nle icon Non Linear Editing using exclusively GNU Linux open source software describes steps, alternatives and order (when editing with Cinelerra), to produce various compressed films for mini-DVD, DVD releases (mpeg2), mpeg4 and webm (internet releases). All films available for streaming (section Videos) were post-produced using open source GNU Linux NLE (non linear editing) pieces of software (kino/dvgrab, cinelerra, transcode, avconv/ffmpeg, dvdauthor...). Beware information in this section may become obsolete very soon.

film production Film Production Resources include sample materials of genuine film projects (some have been sold to TV) and templates for freelance EFP (scripts, budgets, authorisations...). They should be regarded as a source of inspiration rather than conventions written in tablets of stone. Many projects are 'localised' (i.e. relevant only to a given culture, region) hence some links are available only in French or Polish.